About Us

Our church is just ordinary imperfect people meeting together to worship our amazing, perfect, sovereign God.


The Connection Church is a group of people who want to reach out to those who have either given up on traditional church or are ready to try church for the first time.


We are a contemporary and culturally relevant church. This is not like your grandmother’s church, but she is certainly very welcome to come.


The Connection Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.  



General Information


The Connection Church exists to develop fully devoted followers of Christ by connecting people to God, People and Service. We are a Biblically conservative church with a contemporary style of worship. We believe it's important to be culturally relevant in all we do.

The following 3 words describe our process for developing devoted followers of Christ.

We seek to connect people with:

GOD - through regularly attending our Sunday worship services.

PEOPLE - through plugging in to a home small group where close caring relationships can be formed around Bible Study, prayer and sharing life struggles.

SERVICE - through getting involved with our church ministries and missions.

We have a "simple church" philosophy. We want to do a few things well. They are:

1. Awesome, memorable, life changing Sunday services.

2. Meaningful small groups where people can grow in Christ and be encouraged by others.

3. Ministries and missions that bring glory to God, help people and bring rich personal fulfillment to the one serving.

Our goal is to grow large in attendance, purchase land in Cape Coral and build.